SMI Pledges $500,000 to Travis Mills Foundation

Written By

Jeff Small

Published On

Tuesday, Sep 28
Jeff Small with Travis Mills and his wife outside.
On September 11, 2021 we paused to reflect on the tragic events that occurred twenty years ago.  Much has happened since, but one thing is certain, our Strategic Media team has not forgotten.  We remember the heroes of 9/11, we remember the heroes who fought to protect us before and since, and we honor all of those brave men and women who have come home as distinguished members of our military.

Four years ago, SMI had the privilege of meeting Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Travis Mills when he spoke to our company.  We also invited the Scarborough High School swim team to listen to his story of commitment, determination, and courage.  The resounding message from Travis was, “Never Give up.  Never Quit!”  Travis served our country in Afghanistan and on his third tour he was gravely wounded after putting his pack down on an IED.  He lost parts of all four limbs and after beating seemingly insurmountable odds, he and his wife, Kelsey, started the Travis Mills Foundation.  TMF provides a retreat for wounded service members and their families where they can come together, at no cost, and enjoy facilities that provide them normalcies that give them hope and joy.

A key element of Strategic Media Inc.’s mission is giving back to local organizations with the hope of improving the lives of people who have been impacted by events beyond their control.  My wife, Leigh, and I recently attended a TMF event.  The fundraiser was aimed at making enhancements to the Rome, Maine facility that will greatly improve the experience for veterans and their families.

This event inspired us to make the decision that the Travis Mills Foundation will be the anchor of SMI’s giving back initiative because of the sincerity and effectiveness of their mission.  Our decision is inspired by Travis and Kelsey, and also by our fathers who both served in Vietnam, and our mothers who “waited” for them to return.  Military service is a family commitment and the TMF supports and celebrates that tradition.

Beginning this year, Strategic Media Inc. will pledge $100,000 per year for the next five years to help support the efforts Travis and his team are making to help others.  We hope that the SMI team will have the privilege to visit the Rome, Maine location annually to volunteer our time as a group and show our support.

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