The Future of Advertising in Connected Cars

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Liz Iversen

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Tuesday, Jan 19
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According to a blog post by Entercom Insights, connected cars offer opportunities for advertisers that go beyond geo-targeted ads or customized coupons based on past purchases. With connected-car data, Entercom Insights wrote, brands “can match audio consumers’ in-car ad-exposure to out-of-car experiences.” This will give marketers a greater understanding of the effectiveness of their ads. In addition, ads that facilitate voice-activated purchases can encourage listeners to take action upon hearing an ad.  

In a webinar presented by Entercom titled “Connected Cars: Disruption to the Advertising Ecosystem,” a group of digital audio ad experts expressed their ideas for what connected cars will mean for the future of advertising.

Rachel Williamson, Entercom’s Chicago-based Regional President, said that with more people in cars for a multitude of reasons – and with people wanting audio and audio usage being up – the stage is being set for connected cars to have a “really strong future path.”

Williamson said that highly targeted audio ads in the car offer a huge opportunity for advertisers to deliver a bigger impact than print or display ads while being extremely cost-effective. “The engagement that we can have with an audience is what other people are trying to create within the audio ecosphere,” she said. “The war is going to be around telling stories, engaging audiences and being able to interact. It’s going to be exciting.”

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