The Local Difference: The Continued Rise of Traditional Broadcast Radio

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SMI Staff

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Thursday, Jan 19
Small_The Local Difference_The Continued Rise of Traditional Broadcast Radio

Radio is personal. Ask anyone at any age what their favorite radio station is, and most people in a matter of seconds can tell you. Whether it’s because of the kind of music played, or a fondness for the local radio personalities on a given station, or often a combination of both, people feel a connection and attachment to local radio. And that’s a powerful thing.

So powerful, in fact, that listenership of traditional broadcast AM/FM radio continues to rise, according to a recent report from Nielson. This is especially significant in the modern era where digital and streaming services are so prevalent. There are currently more than 15,470 AM/FM broadcast radio stations in the United States, a number that also continues to rise

These stats alone are proof positive that traditional broadcast radio is going strong. But outside the numbers, there’s more evidence in the personal, emotional connection that listeners have with their preferred stations and radio personalities. In a study by the University of Southern California, 82% of respondents said they had a “real” relationship with their favorite on-air personalities, and 25% said they have been listening to their favorite personalities for over 10 years. That sense of community and companionship is a unique aspect of traditional broadcast radio, and something that helps it remain a growing presence in the media landscape. 

With such a large range of stations, formats, and on-air personalities available to listeners, there’s something for everyone in AM/FM radio. With SMI’s expertise, we can help advertisers harness the power of that local connection in markets nationwide. With the right message on the right stations, you can reach a large number of loyal listeners, which can in turn help you build your brand. 

Call us today to learn more about opportunities in traditional broadcast radio advertising. 

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