Time Spent with Radio Remains Strong

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Liz Iversen

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Wednesday, Feb 08
Woman in a car pressing a button on her radio.

Radio reaches 89% of adults 18+, and the average adult spends 7 hours and 40 minutes listening to AM/FM radio per week, according to 2022 Nielsen Scarborough data. Even among heavy TV viewers and heavy internet users, the average weekly time spent with AM/FM remains virtually unchanged, with heavy internet users listening to radio for an average of 7 hours and 28 minutes per week, and heavy TV viewers listening for an average of 7 hours and 53 minutes per week.

“From the adoption of new technologies and platforms, to the lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic, consumers have ample opportunity to pick up a new favorite media,” Katz Radio Group wrote on its “Sound Answers” blog. “Regardless of where consumers stand on picking up or dropping media habits, data shows that radio is a staple among them all.”

Christina Baeten, Director of Client Services at SMI, agrees. “As long as Americans are spending time in cars, they will be listening to the radio. Radio continues to be the leading choice for in-car entertainment and information. And it’s free. AM/FM Radio is also the only place to access local news and information in the car. Up to date weather, traffic, and sports news relevant to your area that you’d otherwise seek out online when you’re at home, at work, or otherwise not on the road,” Baeten said.

Even light users of TV and the internet consume radio at similar levels to the average adult, with the average light internet user spending 7 hours and 38 minutes with radio and the average light TV viewer spending 7 hours and 17 minutes with radio.

“Radio offers brands new opportunities for engagement with under-engaged media consumers as well,” according to Katz Radio Group. “4 in 10 adults fall into the light user categories for TV and internet, meaning they consume under 3 hours of internet, or 2 hours of TV in a week, and are unlikely to have any meaningful exposure to ad campaigns. Radio fills that gap for brands.”

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