To Reach Younger and Broader Audiences, Advertise On Radio

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Liz Iversen

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Tuesday, May 04
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We recently wrote about how radio listeners are more engaged with ads on radio than on TV or social media. Now, Westwood One’s Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard offers more evidence in favor of radio. According to Bouvard, the television landscape is undergoing massive change. In light of declining television viewership and audience fragmentation, here are Bouvard’s reasons why advertisers need radio.

  • One out of four persons 25-54 cannot be reached on linear TV. AM/FM radio’s 89% weekly reach among persons 25-54 is much stronger than television’s 77%.
  • Pay TV lost 5.5 million subscribers in 2020. Viewers cutting the cable cord means 40% of Americans won’t see cable ads.
  • Time spent with broadcast, cable, and non-live viewing is down, especially for original programming.
  • Putting AM/FM radio in the plan generates triple the reach of connected TV.
  • Broadcast television and cable viewership has always skewed old, and now both are skewing even older. 
  • AM/FM radio makes your TV better by reaching the vast majority of light TV viewers.

To reach a larger—and younger—audience, advertisers need radio. As an example for what radio can do, Bouvard cited a Nielsen Media Impact study, which found that the average Proctor & Gamble brand experiences a +38% lift in reach due to their AM/FM radio schedules.

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