Top New Year’s Resolutions for Advertisers

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SMI Staff

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Thursday, Jan 16

The New Year is a time to reevaluate everything—and for advertisers, this includes taking an in-depth look at your marketing strategy and reevaluating your campaign goals. If you want your advertising to get measurable results in 2020, these three resolutions will help maximize your media performance in the New Year.

1) Make sure your ad dollars are measurable.

If you’ve been using Radio or Podcasts to advertise, but don’t have access to measurable results, you’re not getting the most bang for your advertising buck. Take stock in metrics like cost per lead (CPL) and return on ad spend (ROAS). How much revenue can you attribute to your ad spend? How much website traffic has your ad campaign generated? If you can’t answer these questions, it’s time to invest in an advertising strategy that delivers trackable results.

Strategic Media, Inc. offers clients an in-depth look at where your leads are coming from and how those leads are converting. Our daily customized reports enable our clients to make the most of their advertising dollars. If your agency doesn’t offer full media transparency take a look at SMI’s sample dashboard to see what you’ve been missing.

2) Change your creative.

Start the New Year with fresh creative and re-ignite interest in your brand. Think carefully about your brand tone and the message you want your advertising to send. Especially if your messaging has grown stale, this is the perfect time to try a fresh approach and improve your results.

3) Try podcasting.

People often resolve to try something that scares them. If podcasting is on that list, scratch it off this year!

Seize the moment in 2020 to benefit from this rapidly expanding medium. Each month, more than 67 million people listen to a podcast, and 61% of podcast listeners have purchased a product or service after hearing a podcast ad. If you’re not advertising on podcasts, you’re missing out on a massive audience of qualified listeners.

In 2020, resolve to make sure your advertising dollars count. Identify channels that are profitable as well as those that are not, and tailor your messaging for maximum impact. Do both effortlessly by working with a full-service advertising agency like Strategic Media, Inc.

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