Trust in Radio Grows as Social Media Trust Declines

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Thursday, Sep 10

Trust in radio continues to grow as trust in social media wanes, a new study finds. Data and analytics firm Engagement Labs surveyed radio listeners aged 18-69 and found that radio listeners’ trust in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has plummeted in recent months, with Facebook down 56%, Instagram down 38%, and Twitter down 140%.

Radio was the most trusted medium among respondents. Seventy-five percent said they trust radio, 66% trust television, 57% trust websites, 38% trust Twitter and 37% trust Facebook.

Seventy-nine percent of respondents said radio is more or just as trustworthy compared to a year ago. Fifty percent of respondents said social media is less trustworthy.

Respondents said listening to the radio helps them feel less isolated and more connected to their community, sentiments that align with a study conducted by Nielsen in March. 

Radio remains a valuable tool for connecting with audiences, especially in times of uncertainty. For more information on how your brand can utilize the power of radio, contact SMI today.

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