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Bob Leonard

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Tuesday, Aug 17

At Strategic Media, Inc., we believe in the importance of personal development and encourage employees to seek out opportunities for continued growth and improvement. Not only does pursuing one’s own unique interests help expand our skillsets and make us better employees, it makes us better humans.

The pandemic has brought new challenges to SMI, but it has also brought opportunities. Despite initial setbacks in 2020, we have overcome obstacles and seen continued growth in 2021. We have hired new employees and expanded our Podcast team, onboarded new radio and podcast clients, and Q3 is off to a record start. Here are a few other recent accomplishments by SMI staff:

Liz Iversen, Copywriter, attended the Tin House Summer Workshop and was named a 2021 Tin House Scholar.

Emily Morris, Accounting Assistant, received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Matt Perkins, Traffic Director, will be ending a 5-year run on the South Portland School Board in November.

Payne Ratner, Copywriter, was a finalist in the Michigonne Fiction Contest. His story, “Eat Jimmy,” will be published this winter in The New Guard.


SMI staff across various departments attended the Podcast Movement 2021 conference. Attendees included:

Jeff Small, Founder & CEO

Christina Baeten, Director of Client Services

Brooke Murray, Director of Strategic Growth

Lisa Risk, Podcast Strategist

Robin Bunker, National Media Buyer

Vanessa Verrillo, Senior Account Manager, Client Services

Emily Cashman, Account Coordinator, Client Services

Abby Baum, Account Coordinator, Client Services

Alex Foster, Media Analyst

We are proud of SMI’s continued growth and development and look forward to what lies ahead for our team and our clients. To learn more about SMI, click here.

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