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Liz Iversen

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Wednesday, Aug 17
With so many podcasts to choose from, breaking into the medium as an advertiser can be intimidating. Luckily, SMI’s Podcast Team are experts on the vast podcast landscape. Not sure where to place your ad dollars? No problem. We can help you reach your target audience—no matter who your demo is. Here’s a sample of the expertise we share with our clients. When you’re looking for the best podcasts to advertise on, consider these top picks: 


Fearless with Jason Whitlock

“I highly recommend this show to our advertisers,” said Steve Mondor, Podcast Campaign Operations at SMI. “The demo for Fearless is strong with Men 35+ and focuses on topics of Sports, Culture, and Politics.” At SMI, we have current clients that target the male demo and experience tremendous results with this show. According to Mondor, host Jason Whitlock’s desire to deliver a sincere read is largely responsible for our clients’ success. “Jason strives to understand the product category and provide his personal experiences with the product, when applicable,” said Mondor. “His copy reads are energetic, authentic, and resonate well with his listeners and social media followers. This is what you look for when availing and booking a show for your client.”


Pants with Kate and Leisha

“With two funny, engaged female hosts, this show has been a hit for multiple clients,” said Andrew Nelson, Podcast Buyer at SMI. Apparel, fitness, and wellness have been especially strong categories on this show, Nelson said. “The humor and banter between the two hosts, along with a weekly release schedule means that listeners will keep coming back, without getting burnt out on the ads,” said Nelson.


Crime Weekly

“It is a great true crime option for products with a female audience, but less expensive than some of the bigger shows,” said Lee Syatt, SMI’s Podcast Operations. “It is also hosted by a former police officer, so they get insight that other shows don’t have. As far as ad reads go, the hosts take them very seriously and always do great reads,” said Syatt. 


Pink Shade

Syatt also recommends Pink Shade, a funny show where the hosts personalize their reads to make them very funny. “The hosts are also open to constructive criticism on their reads and adjusting as they go,” said Syatt, “which is nice because it shows that they are willing to work with clients in order to get the best reads and best results possible.” 


True Crime Obsessed

“This is a great show – the hosts are funny and engaging,” said Lisa Risk, SMI’s Podcast Strategist. “The genre of the show is True Crime, but with a comedic spin. Each episode is a recap of a true crime documentary. This is a great way to reach the female audience. The hosts do a wonderful job with their reads; they are honest, genuine, and enthusiastic. We have worked with this show since 2018, and it just keeps getting better,” Risk said.  


For more ideas on how to reach your target demo through podcasts, contact SMI today.

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