Want to Pivot Your Marketing Strategy? Here’s How.

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Thursday, Oct 01

At Strategic Media, Inc., we know that effective advertising requires two things: great creative messaging and the right medium. In today’s shifting marketing landscape, getting the best return on your investment may require pivoting your strategy with new creative or new media channels. To optimize your brand’s marketing campaign, here are some tips.

1. Focus Your Creative
Make sure your creative has a clear message that highlights a specific benefit for the customer. “There may be many benefits the product offers,” says Payne Ratner, Copywriter at SMI, “but the goal is to find the one problem that is most common to all of us, find a way to reveal that problem to the listener in an empathic way, and then show how the product can ‘solve’ the problem.”

2. Switch Up Your Media Mix
If you primarily advertise on one media format, try a new one. According to AdWeek, “Brands that test different creative formats and measure impact tend to have better insight into what resonates with consumers.” At SMI, our clients have the benefit of being able to advertise on multiple audio formats, including radio, podcast, streaming, and satellite. So whether you want to take advantage of radio’s reach, or the rapidly expanding medium of podcast, or the targeted audiences of satellite, we’ll tailor your messaging for top performance in the audio medium of your choice.

For optimal results, testing is key. Working with a direct to consumer agency like SMI provides granular data that offers key insights. You’ll learn what messaging resonates most with audiences and which channels are best for reaching your brand’s demo. This knowledge can help you to further hone your creative and optimize your media mix to obtain the greatest possible return on ad spend.

If you’re thinking of pivoting your marketing strategy, SMI can help. For more on how we can help focus your creative, switch up your media mix, or test your ads for optimal results, contact us today.

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