Why Advertising on Radio Is a Must This Holiday Season

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Liz Iversen

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Thursday, Oct 15

For many of us, the 2020 holiday season will look a bit different. Smaller gatherings, virtual events, more online shopping, and local shopping are some of the trends we will see this year. 

A recent survey of radio listeners shows that 60% of respondents are planning smaller holiday gatherings. The majority believe many holiday events will be canceled, and one-third expect to participate in some virtual holiday gatherings.

The survey shows Americans plan to stay close to home, with over half (55%) planning no holiday travel. Among the 45% that say they will travel, most (61%) will road trip.

Most Americans will shop online this holiday season, and two in three say they will do at least half of their holiday shopping online. Nearly half (47%) say they will spend the same amount or more on things like gifts, entertaining, and food as they did in the past.

For local businesses, the key to success this holiday season may be advertising on radio. A vast majority (79%) of those surveyed plan to support local/small businesses. However, those influenced by radio ads and DJ endorsements are especially apt to shop locally. While 43% of respondents say they will do at least half of their holiday shopping at local businesses, that number leaps to 62% for people who say they are influenced “a lot” by AM/FM ads and 60% for those who are influenced “a lot” by DJs and radio personalities. Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs said during a webinar, “For both of those radio-oriented groups, they have a greater tendency to want to shop more locally.” 

In the webinar, Jacobs also stressed the importance of starting holiday ad campaigns now. “Yes, December is important but a lot of people are going to get their holiday shopping started much earlier,” Jacobs said. “It’s important for your clients, your advertisers, to be thinking about October and November. These are going to be prime shopping months as well.”

Jacobs Media VP/GM Paul Jacobs advised station and advertisers, “People are really going to be missing a lot of the traditions of the holidays. Your stations and your advertisers should be incredibly sensitive to this. Look for creative ways to make the holidays uplifting and as traditional as possible. Our industry has the opportunity, once again, to be part of a really positive solution this holiday season, not only for our clients but for our communities and our audience.”

To find out how you can make the most of the holiday season for your business, contact SMI today.

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