Why Procter & Gamble Airs 200,000 Radio Spots Per Week

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Liz Iversen

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Tuesday, Oct 26
A hand tuning an old radio.

Does radio advertising work? Ask Procter & Gamble. The world’s largest consumer goods company is airing 200,000 spots on broadcast radio per week, for more than a dozen products, reports Inside Radio.

Procter & Gamble conducts extensive research to ensure the effectiveness of its media mix. A recent Nielsen Media Impact analysis conducted by Cumulus Media’s Audio Active Group shows that radio advertising generates incremental reach for P&G.

The analysis examined the reach lift produced by radio for 15 different P&G brands. According to the study, 65% of consumers 18+ were reached by the TV portion for P&G’s Tide laundry detergent campaign. When P&G included the AM/FM radio portion of the buy, the 18+ reach grew to 77%.

The analysis of other P&G brands revealed similar results. Bounty’s TV campaign delivered a 60% reach in May 2021. Together with broadcast radio, thaw reach jumped to 75%, a 25% lift. Swiffer’s TV campaign produced a 50% reach. With radio added to the media mix, the reach jumped to 74%, a 47% lift.
Oral-B achieved a 65% incremental reach lift by using radio in addition to TV. And Metamucil saw a 56% improvement over TV-only when it combined radio and TV.

The average P&G brand experienced a 36% lift in reach by adding radio to its media mix.

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