Why Your Holiday Ad Campaign Needs to Be on Audio Now

Written By

Liz Iversen

Published On

Tuesday, Oct 19
Microphone in Santa Claus hat on a red background.
Thinking about your holiday ad campaign? Here are three reasons to get your brand on audio now.

  1. Experts are telling people to do their holiday shopping now

Supply shortages and labor shortages may make holiday shopping a bit trickier than usual. And some major retailers like Amazon are already rolling out their holiday deals. Make sure to catch early shoppers by getting your holiday messaging on the air soon.

  1. Audio is in demand

“We have seen Podcast inventory sell out fast than ever this year,” said Hilary Randall, Client Services Account Manager at SMI. But with over 2 million podcasts in the market, Randall said there is still plenty of opportunity if you strike now. 

Christina Baeten, Director of Client Services at SMI, agreed that now is the time to begin your holiday marketing campaign. “Demand for audio has surged to and in some cases beyond pre-pandemic levels. With the current market and supply chain challenges, retailers are offering holiday discounts and starting sales earlier than ever.”  

  1. Americans are listening to audio

As concern over COVID subsides, Americans are getting back in their cars and they’re listening to radio.

Whether you want to reach consumers on the #1 reach medium of radio or the exploding medium of podcasts, this holiday season, planning ahead will ensure an effective audio advertising strategy. 


To ensure your holiday ad campaign reaches target demos in time for the early shopping season, make sure your plans are well underway.

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