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With close relationships across all podcast networks, SMI’s roster includes tens of thousands of shows. Clients receive full access to personalized dashboard reporting utilizing cutting-edge methods for tracking and attribution, including direct response, pixel tracking, survey data, and website lift. Our in-house creative team develops detailed talking points, and each ad drop is closely audited for accuracy and authenticity to ensure quality control. 

Case Study:

Long-term radio client finding success with podcast – October 2020


Strategic Media earned the opportunity to place podcast media with a long-term radio client in 2018. At the time, they were seeing success with radio but had used other agencies to buy their podcast media. 

The product for promotion was custom business cards; the same promotion that had sustained a successful radio campaign for years. 

Their goals were as follows: 

  • Continue to grow their customer base, appealing to both new and existing customers 
  • Achieve an efficient Customer Acquisition Cost 
Media & Creative History 

This is a large company, who already had significant brand awareness. Since SMI had already been creating the radio campaign for this company, the transition to podcast was seamless.

Strategy & Implementation

The target for this campaign was Adults 25-54. Learnings from the radio campaign were applied to target the ideal customer base. Genres included Business, News & Politics, True Crime and Society & Culture. We targeted shows with a strong male following, strong female following and a split demographic. In initial testing, hosts were sent coupons to order their own personalized product ahead of the campaign. As the campaign progressed and bottom-of-funnel coupon redemptions yielded spotty conclusions, we transitioned to a vanity URL to get a more comprehensive view of performance and optimized results primarily on cost per visit. 


Copy included background information on the brand, key selling points and a direct response call to action. Hosts had the ability to add in their own personal experience to make the ad “their own.”


Since this client first tested podcasting, quarterly budgets have grown over 300% in just over a year. The campaign includes a personalized holiday gifting campaign in addition to the year-round evergreen campaign.

Host Read Ads:

Host-read podcast ads tend to be more effective in driving recall and other lift metrics according to Nielsen. Host-read ads have an average brand recall of 71%, compared with 62% for non-host-read podcast ads, the analysis found.

Fight Camp – Their workouts are next-level challenging.  Boxing, plyometrics and body-weight exercises are fused into one high-intensity interval-training session that works your full body and mind.


With consistent growth in all age groups, its predicted the high growth trend will continue in 2022 to reach 55% of 25-54 year olds. This would mean that 6 out of 10 Americans are listening to podcasts!

Move the


Our direct response model is based on tracking every lead with clear, concise data. Data transparency and open communication offer our clients a precise look at how their ad dollars are working for them, and we don’t consider ourselves successful until our clients reach their goals.