Radio Advertising Op Ed: When the Client Wins, We All Win

Written By

SMI Staff

Published On

Monday, Sep 08

Recently, I read an advertisement for a class that focused on the dangers of media buyers and media sellers playing for opposing teams. It caught my eye because I have long been aware that the stations with which we end up doing the most business are the ones whose reps understand the need for us to have the same primary goal. And that goal is: the success of the client’s radio advertising campaign.

When we, as radio consultants, partner with radio stations to put the focus on making a campaign the best it can be, everyone wins. The client’s company grows, more media is sold and purchased, more radio commercials are placed on the air, and so on and so on.

When we check our egos at the door, a client’s campaign is more likely to succeed. Reps on both side of the playing field need to align themselves with the winning formula – and that formula is simple: when the client wins, we all win.

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