Paths to Profits In Direct Response Radio | Strategic Media Inc.

Strategic Media would like all of our partners to know that for the wellbeing of all of our employees and their families, all SMI team members are working from home. Despite this, we are maintaining normal working hours.



In direct and brand response radio this is how SMI helps build more profits for your brand with audio advertising.


We go beyond assessing the potential for your product or service in radio. The most successful campaigns are born from a true partnership; the alignment of values, mutual trust and a commitment to the process that's proven to produce a winning campaign.


Through the campaign brief, client dialogue, our experience and multiple research tools we cultivate a fresh and deep understanding of the customer’s needs and wants, the product or service offering, client goals, customer response behaviors and more.


Our creative team takes care of the entire production process for your ad campaign, including all writing, voiceover talent selection, recording and editing. We’re a lively, talented group who loves to work collaboratively with our clients, to develop your messaging together through open and honest communication.


We make media purchases entirely based on the needs of our clients. Targeting the core demo of each client, we place each media buy based on the listening habits and purchasing behaviors of their consumers. We will buy media through national outlets or direct with stations allowing us to geo-target based on the each client’s unique marketing objectives.


The initial ad development and testing stages take aim at one goal: Learn what works, learn it quickly and learn it inexpensively. For this reason we practice a disciplined approach to testing.


After the initial test phase of your campaign we will conduct analysis on several levels, including creative, stations, formats, markets, dayparts and more. The results of this evaluation will lead to the roll-out phase of your campaign. Our goal is help you grow your business utilizing the tremendous reach radio offers with network, satellite, terrestrial and digital platforms.


Your campaign has achieved profitability and can now expand to desired levels. Analysis and optimization of the campaign are conducted continuously. We maintain or grow profitably while also extending longevity.