We are considered the best in radio because it’s our sole focus. Not TV. Not print. Not social media or web marketing. Strictly radio.

By being data driven, our clients’ campaigns start further up the learning curve, reducing their upfront costs and increasing their profits. While every campaign is different, an outline of our careful fit assessment, planning, and optimization techniques are below.

In the Research & Discovery phase, your responses to our campaign-specific questions will arm our team with what they need to begin developing your media plan and messaging. Your goals will provide the basis for measurable results.

During Development, you will work directly with a member of our Client Relations team, who will coordinate all aspects of your campaign. This individual will also be your go-to person for any day-to-day needs as well as the strategy of your campaign.

Often the most subtle differences in messaging and media placement can make a big difference in results. During the Testing phase we will compare several different combinations in order to maximize profitability.

During the Profitability & Growth phase, our team will conduct analysis on several levels, including market, day of the week, day-part, format, station-by-station, and more. The results of this evaluation will lead us to the roll-out phase of your campaign.

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Developing a strategy is as much about deciding what you won't do as it is deciding what you will do.
Jeff Small
Founder & CEO, Strategic Media